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Group Captives bring it all together and let small employers act like large employers


Empowers organizations to cultivate employee wellbeing through integrated and diverse wellness programs that educate and encourage a progressive culture of wellness through employer aligned incentive components


We believe in treating people, not patients. Through relationship-based care, real-time communication and financial transparency, our innovative approach establishes a foundation for lifelong health, while reducing unnecessary medical spending.


Combines the best of modern Western medicine, with more proactive complementary therapies that focus on preventing illness. They go beyond treating disease to reveal whole body systems that are not functioning properly or not in harmony.

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Our Story

In 2020, during the middle of the pandemic, we came together to reflect and brainstorm on the ways our current healthcare system was working, and ways that it could be better. If you are like us, then you have experienced the calls to your primary care doctor only to be told they can’t see you for three weeks or more due to a full schedule. You finally get to that appointment and then typically have less than 10 minutes with your doctor to try and cover more questions or health conditions than can realistically be covered in that short amount of time. You leave that appointment feeling frustrated, overwhelmed with what to do next with all this confusing information. You feel alone on a journey to improving your health and increasing your quality of life. This is the experience we commonly hear and have all too often experienced ourselves.

It was with this reflection that we decided there had to be a better way. How can we connect people with physicians focusing on integrative and preventative care using both traditional and complimentary medicine principals who also have the time and ability to make that one-on-one connection and guide their patients to better, healthier lives? How can we remove access barriers which prevent people from getting the best and most cost-effective care when they need it most? How can we remove cost barriers which prevent people from seeking the health care they need when they need it? How can we then take this model and reduce cost burdens to businesses and individuals to make health care both accessible and affordable again? With this, the Collaborative Concierge Care (C3) Captive, was born and took the first bold steps to fix what was broken and deliver innovation to a market that desperately needed it.

Our Mission

Are you tired of a health insurance program that employees struggle to use, struggle to understand, and overall does very little to prevent serious health events and only treats the symptoms, not the cause? If you are like millions of Americans out there you find yourself increasingly dissatisfied with your health insurance program and deep down know there has to be a better way to lower costs without sacrificing the quality of care you and your family need and deserve. If you are like so many employers out there, you want to provide the best coverage possible that employees can comfortably use without causing them or your company any financial hardship. With all of this in mind, our team has created a unique health insurance program that allows individuals to be the healthiest version of themselves while controlling costs.

USI Insurance and our select partners have come together to create the C3 Captive which focuses on a robust wellness and preventative health program while layering in best-in-class network care to manage and treat those costly catastrophic illnesses that still occur. The result is a well-tuned program that delivers more transparency in health care costs, more customization to fit each individual’s particular needs and conditions, and the ability to finally add more back into your health insurance program while reducing your potential costs and exposures. USI Insurance Services built this captive for employers with at least 50 covered employees, to improve access to care, better manage claim expenses, and expand coverage that encompasses both traditional and complimentary medicine as well as holistic whole-person forms of prevention and treatment. The C3 Captive was designed to bring like-minded businesses together to control medical insurance costs while encouraging health and wellness through a unique collaborative concierge care model like no other. Come find out more about what makes the C3 Captive different and how it can work for you and your employee population.

Testimonial provide by Garden of the Gods Resort & Club

As a resort focused on health and wellness for our members and guests, GGRC was looking for ways to extend the same level of wellness program options to their employees. The Garden of the Gods Resort and Club (GGRC) and affiliated companies have been employing the C3 Captive model for years. The result? While other companies have been dealing with double digit increases in health care costs and premiums, passing those increases along to their employees and customers, GGRC has enjoyed several consecutive years of approximately 2.0% year-over-year increase in healthcare costs across the board. Not only has this led to better outcomes while controlling costs, it has also enabled us to add additional benefits. In our current high-cost inflationary healthcare market, the results that GGRC has enjoyed are testament to a concept that truly works.

That’s not to say that GGRC hasn’t had its share of large and costly health claims – these can never truly be eliminated; however, they can be better managed and controlled. Through the C3 Captive’s blend of prevention (via HealthYou), ongoing primary care (PeakMed), and specialty care (Strata), the whole person receives the healthcare services that are needed, all while being supported by a strong network (UCHealth). Through the collaborative efforts of these various entities, a truly different and far more effective model for healthcare delivery has been realized.

Who benefits the most? Ultimately, we all do. The employee is at the center, surrounded by a group of dedicated and compassionate caregivers whose sole objective is better outcomes for all concerned. Costs are controlled, care is better, and the results are provable. The employee is no longer just a number – they are an individual who is receiving the best of all possible wellness programs with continuation of care when needed so that they may enjoy a long, productive, and healthy life.

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