Property Details
Location : Villa
Ref : SJV
Land size: 27,063 sq.ft.
Building size: 7,775 sq.ft. and 1,485 sq.ft.
Price: E.C $ 2.6 million









PRICE : E.C $ 2.6 million / U.S $ 950,000.00

CONTACT : 457-2110 / 532-9339



Description :


The property is situated in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Villa overlooking surrounding communities and possessing a capivating view of the sea. The residence has an abundance of ample space, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows which overlook the mature trees in the grounds. The backyard benefits from views of the entire property, including the spectacular pool area. It also boasts an asymmetrical pool nestled among the patio, which is perfect for hosting guests. This home is replete with opulent finishes.

The property accommodates four bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and dining room, four washrooms, a study area, a swimming pool, and a porch. There is also two apartments downstairs.

There is ample parking space with a garage at the front of the property where the yard is well landscaped and there are concrete roads and walkways throughout the site. There is a second building which serves as a masonry dwelling house and accommodates to bedrooms, a living room, a porch, a garage, and two washrooms.

The key features of the property includes:
- Stunning views of the sea and surrounding area from the porch
- Excellent workmanship in regards to the design and construction of the property to a very high quality and equipped with all the modern amenities
- Ample space within the property, and excellent for hosting guests and entertatinment activities
- The building has good security in the form of burglar bars on the windows and doors